Struggle and Strength During COVID-19 Now in August, it has been almost five months since our lives were changed by COVID-19-related restrictions. There are so, so many things that have changed within the business as a result of it. Despite all of the changes and associated challenges, we are performing and achieving results. Having heard Dr. Pippa Grange talking about deep wins (as opposed to shallow wins), it feels as if we have actually increased our capacity to achieve deep wins over the past five months, as we have focussed on the essentials with little distraction.

Piracicaba Despite our successes, there’s certainly no complacency. We have months to go before the twists and turns of COVID-19 cease. New challenges arise all the time, with the latest the implication of quarantine on return from holiday for those long awaited summer holidays.

Success at Ridgeway Research

COVID-19 has meant that many of us have started working from home for the first time.
COVID-19 has meant that many of us have started working from home for the first time.

neurontin usa The impetus for writing about our experience now is to share with you our win-win for the business and staff. Partly out of necessity and to be consistent with our belief in supporting staff, we have endeavoured to be as flexible as possible.  We have staff working partly or full time from home, staff sharing childcare with partners to permit them to work modified shifts, staff shift working to reduce numbers on site at any one time, and creating dual teams to provide backup if needed.  Computers due to be made redundant were hastily relocated to permit staff without computers to work from home. The result has been a workforce who have willingly gone above and beyond to fulfil orders, to maintain premises and work out logistics, and to contribute to the company’s success.

Babu That’s not to say it has come without its challenges, but we have tried to face the problems with a united front, putting our staff at the forefront of our considerations. We are now entering a new phase – of more normality returning – with a good helping of new challenges. Nonetheless we aim to continue in the same spirit – hopefully with the same success. It has definitely been nice to see a few more friendly faces around Ridgeway. Here’s to returning back to normality – who thought people would be so grateful for being able to go back to normal work!


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