You’ll find few CROs enjoy facilities like ours

Our facilities are a key part of what makes us different.

They’re extensive and flexible, which means we can provide a wide range of services, in line with your study needs.

Everything is on one site, which helps us maintain our high standards of animal welfare and scientific excellence. It also means our services remain cost-effective.

Our facilities include:

  • GLP accredited parasitology laboratory
  • Second fully equipped laboratory
  • Purpose built Biosafety Level 2 Containment Facility complete with animal housing
  • Post-mortem room
  • Tissue storage facilities at -80 degrees centigrade
  • Flexible livestock accommodation dedicated to:
  • – Ruminants with individual pens for up to 100 animals
  • – Pigs with individual pens for up to 50 animals, or 200+ if housed in groups
  • – Poultry (broilers and layers) and game birds with two sheds, each housing up to 500 birds
  • 35 acres of grazing pasture
  • A dedicated Quality Assurance unit
  • Secure GLP compliant archive
  • On-site offices
Find this interesting? Read more about GCP, GLP and our biosafety Level 2 containment facility below: