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Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic and in-line with government advice, only critical staff are onsite currently and as such it may take a little longer to reply to your queries and requests. We’ll issue updates – please email us if you have specific questions. We will return to business as usual as soon as possible.

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We’re one of the UK’s leading veterinary contract research organizations (CRO). Our clients include many of the top ten global animal health companies as well as individual farmers and veterinarians.

We specialise in livestock studies for research and development projects. Our studies help you register your new medicine or vaccine on time.

We are Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accredited and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant.

Above all, we are committed to animal welfare and excellence in veterinary science.

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Latest News

Struggle and strength during COVID-19

Now in August, it’s almost five months since our lives were modified with COVID-19-related restrictions. There are so, so many things that have changed within the business as a result of it. Despite all of the changes and associated challenges, we are performing and achieving results. Having heard Dr Pippa Grange talking about deep wins (as against shallow wins), it feels as if we have actually increased our capacity to achieve deep wins over the past five months, as we…

Quality monitoring of Liver fluke metacercariae

Quality monitoring of Liver fluke metacercariae At our laboratory part of the work we do is to maintain several colonies of snails, these are the intermediate host in the life cycle of the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica. The metacercariae we produce are supplied to Universities and Pharmaceutical Companies and used in research to gain a better understanding of the parasite, its control and the growing problem of its resistance to anthelmintic treatments. To ensure the metacercariae we supply to our customers…

Heat detection: is your heat detection method ineffective?

Heat detection: is your heat detection method ineffective? Why do we need heat detection? Heat detection is an essential component of the dairy industry. Missed or mistimed heats lead to increased calving periods and a resulting financial burden. Similarly, wasted Artificial Insemination (AI) and loss of pregnancies caused by mistiming of AI adds to this financial burden.  There is a plethora of heat detection aids in the market, ranging from simple mount detectors like Estrotect to fully automated robotic in…

Determination of heat and whelping dates in bitches using progesterone assessment

Determination of heat and whelping dates in bitches using progesterone assessment Identifying the optimal time for mating a bitch can be critically important, particularly if the mate lives some distance away, with lengthy ill-timed journeys something to be avoided at all times but particularly at present. At the other end of pregnancy, as whelping approaches, knowing when a bitch is going to whelp can be helpful in making the necessary arrangements for whelping. Progesterone measurement can assist in decision making…