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In line with government advice, only critical staff are currently onsite and as such it may take a little longer to reply to your queries and requests. We’ll issue updates as changes occur. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have specific questions and we will return to business as usual as soon as possible.

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When you need expert help with research, product development or parasite diagnosis, call us.

We’re one of the UK’s leading veterinary contract research organizations (CRO). Our clients include many of the top ten global animal health companies as well as individual farmers and veterinarians.

We specialise in livestock studies for research and development projects. Our studies help you register your new medicine or vaccine on time.

We are Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accredited and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant.

Above all, we are committed to animal welfare and excellence in veterinary science.

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Latest News

Ridgeway is Going Green: Tree Planting for Earth Day

Ridgeway is Going Green: Tree Planting for Earth Day Protecting our environment and reducing our carbon footprint are extremely important to us here at Ridgeway Research. We work closely with the agricultural sector and know how essential holding back climate change is. As global temperature increases and biodiversity loss is accelerated, agriculture is feeling the pinch. Carbon dioxide emissions With technology the way it is, at the moment, carbon emissions are an unfortunate fact of life. Although renewable energy and…

Spring Grazing Deficits: Why Isn’t the Grass Growing?

Spring Grazing Deficits: Why Isn’t the Grass Growing? Across the UK, many farmers are reporting grazing deficits. This occurs when the demand for feed from pasture is greater than the amount of grass actually growing. When this happens, farmers must provide animals with extra feed to keep them healthy and maintain growth. With peak lambing season upon us, there are many extra mouths to feed in UK flocks. So why isn’t grass growing as much as expected? And what can…

Regenerative Agriculture: A Hopeful Outlook

Regenerative Agriculture: A Hopeful Outlook Livestock farming is both essential for the survival of our species, and yet also detrimental to the planet we live on. Raising animals for meat and dairy produces around 14.5% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Crop and animal monocultures damage biodiversity. Primary forest is cleared every day for grazing land and for more crops. Climate change and environmental degradation paint a bleak picture of our future. But what if there was a way that…

To Worm or Not to Worm: Anthelmintic Resistance in Dogs

To Worm or Not to Worm: Anthelmintic Resistance in Dogs This month is National Pet Month and across the UK people are celebrating the support, love, and affection we receive from these wonderful animals. We all want to keep our pets healthy and regular worming treatment is considered part of that. But is it really the best option? Can repeated treatment of worms lead to wide-spread anthelmintic resistance in dogs as it has in livestock? Which worms can dogs catch?…