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Ridgeway Research Ltd. is one of the UK’s leading veterinary contract research organizations (CRO). Our clients include many of the top ten global animal health companies as well as individual farmers and veterinarians. Our CRO specialises in livestock studies for research and development projects, although we have worked with other cases if we can accommodate them. Our studies can help you register your new medicine or vaccine to stringent deadlines. Ridgeway also has a dedicated department for the cultivation and identification of parasites, as well our Science department, which produces numerous products.

We are Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accredited and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant. So you can be sure that the work we do will be completed to the highest degree of accuracy  – it is our personal mission to conduct excellent veterinary science and make running your study as easy as possible. We pride ourselves on the links between our Affiliates and customers and always ensure satisfaction with a study! However, first and foremost we are committed to animal welfare; the safety and comfort of our animals is paramount, and you can be sure studies will be conducted in the best ethical manner at Ridgeway.

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Latest News

Lambing: The Importance of Colostrum in Lambs

Lambing most commonly takes place during the Spring, peaking in March/April, although the lambing season does run from February to April and there are some farms that lamb in December and January. During the lambing period, pregnant ewes are monitored very closely day and night, so this can be one of the busiest times of the year for many farmers.

The Principles of Rearing Laying Hens – Part 2

Hens past 16 weeks of age are now at the critical egg laying phase of their lives. Read the next part on how to care for layers here.

The Principles of Rearing Laying Hens – Part 1

There are many factors that contribute to the successful rearing of laying hens. Different life stages of the birds require different types of care. This article gives a guide as to the main principles of rearing hens in a small holding setting.

Hookworms – Distinguishing Between Drastic Ancylostoma caninum and Uncinaria stenocephala Infections.

Recently our parasitology laboratory at Ridgeway Research was tasked with sourcing a field strain of Ancylostoma caninum (A.caninum) L3 infective larvae, which is a zoonotic canine intestinal hookworm. These parasites are difficult to distinguish – find out how here!