Background of Heataid

Heataid is a qualitative test based on the Progesterone Milk ELISA 1.0 designed for use on farm, by farmers or veterinarians. By testing a milk sample from a cow, the test determines if a cow is above or below a certain level of progesterone, therefore informing the user where the cow is in her cycle. This test can be used to ascertain the following:

  • Checking your cow has returned to cycling after calving, thus allowing for preparation of insemination
  • Assessment of the correct time to artificially inseminate (AI), by confirming heat
  • Provide an early warning of failure to conceive, i.e. telling you your cow is not pregnant
  • Aiding in a veterinarian diagnosing a cystic cow and whether the cysts are follicular or luteal.

Why should I test milk?

A healthy cow has a 21-day cycle reproductive cycle with fluctations in progesterone. Your cows progesterone levels in milk will tell you where she is in her cycle, allowing identification of when she is in heat and when to AI.

The main external sign that a cow is cycling is standing heat. However, it’s only visible for short periods throughout the day so can be easy to miss. Some cows stand to be mounted or exhibit bulling behaviour when they’re not in heat and quite a few cows experience silent heats, meaning there are no discernible signs to the farmer.

Tracking progesterone is the most reliable way for you to confirm heat, allowing you to assess when cows are falsely showing heat and those cows which fail to show signs. By tracking progesterone, you can improve fertility and productivity of your herd.

Our Product

How does Heataid work?

Each kit includes:

  • a 96 well ELISA microplate coated with an antibody with a high specificity for progesterone
  • a test tube of reference standard
  • 2 bottles; A (enzyme conjugate) and B (substrate)
  • a bag of pipettes.

By following the test instructions, a reaction is created that produces a colour change:

A strong colour = Low Progesterone = in heat, not pregnant


A weak colour = High progesterone = mid cycle or pregnant

How to use Heataid

Our Heataid kits cost £90 and contain 96 test wells. To order or if you have any questions please contact us on +44 1594 530809 or email us at enquiries@ridgewayscience.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!