Available Parasites

Available Parasites

Supporting parasitology research worldwide


We supply research organisations and universities with a range of parasites. These include laboratory strains and contemporary field isolates of infective third stage larvae and adult nematodes.


The parasite strains we currently hold are listed below. We can source other strains, including resistant strains, on request.

Cooperia oncophora


We culture third stage larvae of Cooperia oncophora on request.

Haemonchus contortus

Ridgeway Research H.contortus sheathed Crop

We culture third stage larvae of Haemonchus contortus on request.

Teladorsagia circumcincta

Ridgeway Research Teladorsagia circumcintus

We culture third stage larvae of Teladorsagia circumcincta on request.

Ascaris suum


We have Ascaris suum eggs available and can culture this parasite upon request.

Ostertagia ostertagi

Ridgeway Research O.Ostertagi crop

We culture third stage larvae of Ostertagia ostertagi on request.

Fasciola hepatica 

Fasciola hepatica - liver fluke diagnostics

We offer eggs, metacercariae and adult life cycle stages of liver fluke.

We can also supply triclabendazole susceptible and resistant strains.

Calicophoron daubneyi


We supply eggs, metacercariae and adult life cycle stages of rumen fluke upon request.

Please note, this life cycle is still in development.