eCG ELISA Plates

eCG ELISA Plates

Why do I need an eCG ELISA?

Ridgeway science is pleased to offer a new ELISA for the detection of Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin (eCG) or previously known as Pregnant Mare’s Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG). eCG is typically administered to livestock for hormonal synchronization, to aid in ovulation and synchronised timing of insemination for a flock.

The presence of eCG production by a mare indicates activity of endometrial cups, which form during pregnancy. However these cups can remain active for a period of time after a foetus is lost, so other methods must also be used to ensure no false positives.

This assay can be utilised for equine research of reproductive disorders, as a tool for pregnancy detection/reproductive monitoring utilised by veterinarians or breeders, and for testing and quality control measures in eCG production facilities.

How the eCG ELISA works

The Ridgeway Science eCG ELISA is a 96 well solid phase sandwich assay using a polyclonal anti-eCG coating. Your sample containing eCG may first need to be diluted as the range for this assay is 0-1IU/mL, meaning the assay is highly sensitive. The diluted sample is added and incubated. After an incubation stage, the excess sample is washed off and a HRP conjugate is added. After another incubation stage the unbound conjugate is washed off and chromogenic substrate is added. Addition of stop solution gives a colour change proportional to the quantity of eCG in your diluted sample. Simply multiply by your dilution factor for final results.

Our Product

ecg ELISA plate PMSG

eCG ELISA Pricing


eCG ELISA plates are priced at £399 per plate and are manufactured on an order basis. Please ensure to get your order in prior to your need for these plates, as there may be a lead time for manufacture.


Unfortunately, we do not offer eCG standards to accompany this ELISA. 

Features of eCG ELISA:

  • High sensitivity with a very low dynamic range, enabling detection of low levels of eCG
  • Common sandwich procedure familiar to most assay users
  • 100ul of diluted sample needed, so only a small amount of concentrate
  • 2hrs+ incubation time meaning a quick turnaround for same day results
  • All wash buffers and diluents provided
  • 450nm wavelength
  • Sample types to include serum
  • Quantitative
  • Range 0-1IU/mL or 0-1000mIU/mL
  • For detection of native eCG, not recombinant
  • ELISA comes without standards

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