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Parasite Diagnostics Laboratory

The increasing significance of parasites: what it means to you.

Parasite burdens can be costly. They can cause significant harm to an animal’s health, which in turn can lead to a loss of production as well as increased feed and treatment costs.

And more and more parasites are developing resistance to anthelmintics (antiparasitic drugs). This is in part because anthelmintics are often not used correctly. But other factors, such as poor pasture management, may also cause anthelmintic resistance to increase.

As a result, the routine use of drugs against parasites is not sustainable in the long term. This poses a global threat to livestock farming to which there is no single solution. However, more targeted use of anthelmintics will help to slow the rate at which resistance develops.

Target your treatment against parasites

We provide a wide range of diagnostic tests, including worm egg counts and the identification of parasites. They help you target your treatments so you can reduce the impact of parasites on your livestock and avoid unnecessary costs.


We have well-equipped, modern laboratories, including a good clinical practice accredited contract research department. You can read more about our extensive facilities here.

Whether you own one animal or a large farm, you’ll find we provide a fast, reliable and friendly service.

Parasite Supply

We also supply research organisations and universities with a range of parasites. These include laboratory strains and contemporary field isolates of infective third stage larvae and adult nematodes, and Fasciola hepatica metacercariae (liver fluke).

For a full list please see our Available Parasites