Diagnostic Development & Evaluation

diagnostic development

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Diagnostic Development & Evaluation

Experts in developing your new product to market

buy Pregabalin 300 mg uk Ridgeway has a history of developing and evaluating a wide span of diagnostic tests.  From quantitative ELISA tests for progesterone measurement, to modified faecal egg counts for evaluation of cestode infections. 

Long standing expertise in diagnostic development

http://fortemglobal.com/about-us/meet-the-team In 2012 RRL developed a novel lateral flow diagnostic for progesterone measurement in milk, named P4Rapid which is sold today as a stand alone product in the agriculture industry across the globe.

Most recently, Ridgeway Science has re-optimised a progesterone ELISA (in milk, serum and plasma) that was originally developed by the company. After re-optimisation the assay was re-validated in house using guidelines to calculate LOB, LOD, LOQ.

How can we help you to get your diagnostic to market?

We have a proven track record and can facilitate the development of a new or existing diagnostic using multiple platforms and evaluate in house or in field to achieve validation for approval of product to market. Field studies to evaluate tests in the absence of a gold standard reference test can be designed, conducted and analysed.

The regulatory requirements for veterinary diagnostic tests and platforms were reviewed by Maggie Fisher in Regulation of Diagnostics in Animal Health (IAHJ Vol 4 Issue 2 24 – 29), meaning RRL is well versed with the requirements and can use these to improve your products chance to market.