Calling all students; an insight into an industrial research placement and what the next academic year could bring..

order neurontin over the counter An article from our university placement student this year:

Wardha “One of the many important reasons I applied for placements during my second year at Aberystwyth University was to gain a greater insight into research and the veterinary industry. Initially, I was unsure what my future career prospects would be after graduating as most students apply for jobs or graduate degrees, but I wanted a better insight into research and answer important questions such as ‘do I see myself in research?’ or ‘how will this experience aid my career development?’.

Rājaldesar The process of applying to placements was long and difficult due to competition and lack of placement opportunities for those reading Animal or Veterinary degrees . Just like when applying for jobs, make sure you’re ready for the ‘We regret to inform you…’ emails but once you have secured your placement, it will be worth it. I would strongly recommend those who are looking for an insight into industry and gaining research skills to apply for placements as the skills you gain are those you wouldn’t find in a lecture theatre. 

Éragny What is the day to day routine at Ridgeway Research Ltd.? I guess the simplest answer to that question is there really isn’t one. Every day is completely different and that was one the tick boxes when search for placements as it keeps you on your toes. There days where it’s rather quiet but I find it allows me to gather thoughts together and catch up on study related tasks. It’s important to acknowledge that the entire experience has been a learning curve, but the support provided has been extremely helpful and important factor in developing my knowledge and understanding of veterinary contract research companies. As Research Assistant, I have had exciting opportunities to work with the Animal Care team, Parasitology and Science Laboratory. This has allowed me develop skills such as animal handling with various species, processing parasitology samples such as Coccidia and in-house production of ELISA plates.

Furthermore, my role as Home Office Liaison Contact (HOLC) has been interesting and a knowledgeable experience by providing an insight into the government affairs. The position has enabled me to gain knowledge on operating encrypted government programs to effectively communicate information and liaise submissions of Personal and Project licences. I have been able to attend annual HOLC conferences to keep up to date with any new developments with Animal in Science Regulation Unit (ASRU), which has aided my understanding of the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act (ASPA) 1986. 

Overall, I would highly recommend for undergraduates to apply for industrial placements as the experience is incredibly valuable and will allow you to develop a better understanding of the academic field you are specialising in. My experiences at Ridgeway Research Ltd. have enabled me to further develop my scientific knowledge in a clinical setting and apply my knowledge to my future endeavours. “

Students; although this may be a confusing and frustrating time, remember that a new term, placement or job is just around the corner. Use this time wisely to do your research, invest in your knowledge for your chosen career or research where you’d ideally love to work one day. Work on yourself and you will be hugely grateful for it when it comes back around to September and you’re feeling prepared and ready. Don’t lose hope – we will get through this.