An update on Ridgeway Science and more from Bridgit Muasa’s research in Africa… 

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Ridgeway Science ELISA’s as comparator tests

We wrote just over a month ago about Bridgit Muasa’s work to take rapid heat detection to Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) where dairy production is practiced mainly by small-holder farmers, as is the case throughout much of the developing world. Dairy production there faces many challenges including limited access to genetic improvement techniques due to inconsistent breeding strategies, poor infrastructure, sub-optimal choices of breeds used for dairy production and poor sire selection policies. There are also limitations both within and across country genetic evaluations due to inadequate data recording and limited human capacity.

However, another major obstacle to enhancing the efficiency of dairy production, and therefore a stronger rural economy less reliant on outside help, is correct knowledge into the fertility status of cows.  Milk production can be made more efficient if this is known with the animal either artificially inseminated (AI) or put to a bull at the optimum time.

The first part of Bridgit’s PhD studies took place in Scotland where she conducted a study using Ridgeway Science’s ELISA M plate as a comparator test. 

The project aimed to evaluate two different technologies for detecting heat in dairy cows. One technology being tested is an Estrotect heat detector which is sticker is attached to the back of the cow and approximately 50% of the coating is rubbed off when the cow is mounted during oestrus. Secondly, milk samples were tested using Ridgeway Science’s P4 Rapid test which quickly evaluates the Progesterone (P4) levels in the sample. When P4 is low this is the period to AI the cow and a true indication of oestrus or Heat.

Ridgeway Science’s Milk ELISA assay served as the comparator test with the milk samples sent to our Laboratory in St. Briavels, Gloucestershire.

With Estrotect the test of success is that if approx. 50% of the silver rub-off coating is removed this will indicate standing heat. However, this method is highly subjective but the application of a grid overlaid on a photograph of the test allows for a more quantitative evaluation. 

For P4 Rapid, a simple user-friendly test produces either a low P4 result (test line darker or equal to the control line) or a high P4 result (test line lighter than the control line or not visible). 

When compared to the Ridgeway Science ELISA assay data, it was found the P4 Rapid had a significantly higher sensitivity and positive predictive value than Estrotect. The use of a grid system with the latter, however, increased the sensitivity but reduced the specificity indicating an increased risk of false heat detection.

This is one example of the use of Ridgeway Science’s ELISA plates as comparators for other methods of detecting oestrus or heat, and an example of how our P4Rapid pen-side test can be used as an accurate alternative for on site heat detection.

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