in vitro assays to help develop and maintain effective anthelmintic drugs to treat parasite infections in livestock

In Vivo Assays

Helping you develop and maintain effective drugs

In vivo assays are used to conduct preclinical and clinical evaluations of candidate compounds and their formulations. They are carried out in or on the target host animal.

We use in vivo assays on target compounds and formulations to:

  • Test their efficacy
  • Assess their safety
  • Establish and confirm the best dosage

You can use the results of the studies to support your submission to government regulators when your product is ready to be considered for registration and authorisation.


We can assess the efficacy of a treatment on animals that are carrying natural infection. We administer the treatment and then compare, for example, the WECs of treated and untreated animals.

To test how well a treatment works as a preventative therapy, we can administer it first and then challenge the animals with the parasite.

We can also collect adult worms from the animal in order to assess a treatment’s efficacy.


We can test specific species of parasite to see if they’re developing resistance to a particular treatment.

We administer the treatment to animals carrying the parasite and, after sufficient time for the treatment to have its full effect, examine the number and stages of any parasites that remain. We then compare this result to that expected when the treatment is administered to susceptible parasites.