In Vitro Assays

We use in vitro assays to help develop and maintain anthelmintic drugs

In Vitro Assays

Helping you develop and maintain effective drugs

In vitro assays are used when the particular stage of a target organism (usually a parasite or bacteria) can exist long enough outside a host to allow an assessment of its susceptibility to treatment. They are also used when a free-living stage is significant enough to merit assay.

We use in vitro assays to:

  • Compare the effectiveness of a candidate compound with an existing compound
  • Identify the level at which a candidate compound is effective

Although the results cannot be directly extrapolated into the final host animal, in vitro assays are a useful and cost-effective way to carry out early screening of candidate compounds.

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We can use an in vitro assay, or series of assays, to determine the level of treatment required to kill a particular parasite. We evaluate different concentrations of the treatment to establish the optimum dose.


When a parasite develops resistance to a treatment the dose response curve moves along the X-axis. We use in vitro assays to confirm the presence of and characterise this movement.

In Vitro Assays

In Vitro Assays