Managing ectoparasites; lice, ticks, mites, flies in animals


Ectoparasites can live on, feed on and sometimes breed on an animal

Left untreated, ectoparasites can cause significant harm to an animal’s health. This can lead to a loss of production and increased feed and treatment costs.

When poorly managed they can also pose a risk to public health.

Ectoparasites of major concern to farmers include mites, lice, ticks and flies.

How to manage ectoparasites

The most effective way to manage ectoparasites is to use several approaches. Applying a parasiticide is one of these.

However, it is vital you use an application that targets the specific species of parasite, as not all drugs are effective against all species.

How we help

We can identify the specific ectoparasite that is affecting your animal.

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As we’re a CRO, we also help drug companies develop their products.

We can use in vitro assays to test the efficacy of your candidate compound or formulation against specific ectoparasites.